Past Life Resolution and Integration Therapy

                  Bryan Jameison
  May 8, 1933 - December 2, 2002

Born and raised in Chicago in May 1933 as James S. Lewis, he worked and wrote under the pseudonym Bryan Jameison. He later had his name officially changed to the latter.

Long acclaimed as a Master Past-Life regressionist, Bryan is internationally recognized as a true pioneer in the field of past-life therapy. After creating his own non-hypnotic method of past-life regression in 1968, he went on to facilitate more than 25,000 regressions and train nearly 2,000 others to become past-life regressionists in the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

In 1968, Bryan Jameison developed a method of past life regression that is non-hypnotic, allowing for a client to work closely with their higher self in full control of their experience and healing.  He believed that as spiritual beings, we had the ability to learn from the entirety of our experiences and through past life regressions, were able to resolve and integrate our deepest soul healing.  Bryan dedicated over thirty years of his life to this remarkable form of therapy and went on to successfully facilitate more than 30,000 regressions and train many others to become facilitators. 

          Teressa Breek

Teressa was  befriended by Bryan in 1989 at a presentation for past life regression in San Diego, California.  In 1993, Bryan offered to begin her training and continued to mentor her as a PLR Facilitator.  In 1998, he authorized Teressa to continue his research and train facilitators in his method when he was no longer able.  At the time of his passing in December of 2002, Bryan Jameison and his wife Beryl were working on the completion of a final manuscript.  Teressa was recently offered this manuscript and asked to complete it and with the encouragement and blessing of Bryan's widow finalized the training program for Certifying Facilitators in the Jameison MethodTM of past life regression.

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